Tuesday, December 16, 2008

mother and son.... Sally is 12 months old and Tyler is about 7 months old


Jacqui said...

He is so cute, I think all the babies seem stronger and more advanced these days. Jacqui

Anonymous said...

Peta Tyler is so cute.I think all babies seem stronger and more advanced these days Jacquidepire

Nonny2DS said...

Hi Peta, that is an awesome moment to capture. I hope you are going to scrap those photos. With smiles like that you can't leave them just on your blog.
BTW your blog is looking very festive. Lovin' it.
Manola xo

Helen said...

Arn't they gorgeous!
Haven't checked in lately and just saw your last post about falling down. You poor thing, hope you feel and 'heal' better SOON {[(HUGS)]} people really need to growup and start caring! (about others, not just themselves)

GlendaJ said...

That is a good comparison of mum & son Peta. Love the cheeky grin on Tylers face.


Edleen said...

that's adorable! you kept that rocking horse all this time? love that! we're doing the same thing for our kids ;)

hope you've recovered from your fall. do take care!


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